A poem to look forward to…

Yes I know, on reflection this poem should probably be posted in Springtime, but this poem I wrote in winter time; to perhaps remind what we have got to look forward to…So read on, and please tell me what you think of it, because although it may not be particularly good, it’s a reminder to always look forward…


Spring. All is bright. All is aglow.

The Suns rays flow from heaven to the earths peaty soil

The lambs are born, free things in thin coats

Laughing and jumping and feeding.

Twinkling globes of iridescent liquid 

An almost magical mixture of fluid

I think dew do you not too?

Gracefully balancing on the frayed tip of a grass stem

A synchronised dancer with the likes of dragon and may

Polished flutes in the orchestra of nature

A symphony of cacophonous weavers

Weaving fabrics of sound 

In the distant half light 

The shattering apocalypse of human triumph is drowned

Bulging forth the gobs of herpetologies subjects 

Out shoots fleshy elastics

Woe betide the crowds of insects

For this is Spring.

A time of glowing fervour and delicious sounds

A time of energetic bounds 

Hence the name Spring. 

Dawood Qureshi


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