Writing off 2015, a year of natural histories…

Yep, it’s that time. The end of 2015. I must say – this has been probably the most wildlife filled year that I have ever lived through; a colourful, beautiful mess of natural history! To name a few of the eventful things that happened to me this year:
= I started this blog, Heart of Wild! Since starting it this year it has had over 3600 views! Many more than I even dreamed of when I first started the blog!

= I have been introduced to hundreds of people (particularly other people my age) who have a great passion and love for wildlife, nature, and the environment- sorry to all the great people who I fail to mention, but a few people who I have met (online or otherwise) who have greatly impressed me with their devotion to wildlife and natural history are as follows:

– Elliot Montieth – with his brilliant and also very beautiful birding/nature site ‘Elliot’s birding diaries’

– Georgia Locock – with her fantastic and well informed blog on conservation and nature ‘Georgia’s Wildlife Watch’

– Findlay Wilde – with his beautifully laid out and massively informative blog ‘Wilde about Birds’

– Zach Haynes – with his wonderfully amazing and almost impossibly dedicated blog ‘Year of Nature’ 

– James Common – with his witty, fabulous and very cleverly written blog ‘Common By Nature’

– Liz Morley – with her very brilliant and certainly amazing blog ‘Ecology Liz’

– Alex White – with his greatly interesting and very professionally laid out blog ‘Appleton Wildlife Diary’  

– Billy Stockwell – with his brilliantly laid out and fantastically fabulous blog ‘Wildlife Billy’ 

– Sophie Bagshaw – with her amazing and beautiful blog ‘Birder Bagshaw’

– Jason Alexander AKA Wildlife Gadgetman – with his fantastically amazing and very cool site ‘Wildlife Gadgetman’

(As I’ve said, there are plenty of other great people out there who I would love to mention but it’s getting really late!)

= This year I also became a member of AFON (through which I met brilliant people like Lucy McRobert and Emma Websdale) and also the RSPB!  

= A whole range of new wildlife I spotted this year that I had never seen before; including the Golden Pheasant and the Red Legged Partridge! 

And those are only very few of the ‘nature things’ that I’ve got done this year! There are many more but as I’m writing this I am becoming increasingly more aware of the time so think that I will curtail this post- it’s a short post but it was a long year, a year of bamboozling wildlife and stand on end nature, a year I will most certainly never forget! So cheerio 2015, and bring on 2016! #nextwildifeyear   

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