A Poem shared is a Problem halved

I don’t normally write posts that contain mainly external content, but on this occasion I felt –  with the looming and certainly very much welcomed arrival of spring – that it is necessary to share this beautiful piece of poetry I have found that to me seems to embody this time of warmth and plenty. 

Ballad of The Forest

Wiley fox darts through the foliage, 

Turns to fix me with a gaze, 

As I wander through the forest, 

In the clouds of morning haze. 
I feel a sense of bravery, 

My inner fears lead me to roam, 

Inspiring me to venture, 

Into the deepest dark unknown. 
As I wander amidst my demons, 

The creatures of the dark, 

I am carried by the drummer, 

The beating of my heart. 
Shafts of light spear through treetops, 

Illuminating every step, 

The aura of the season, 

Golden mist upon each breath. 
Wading through the fern,  

My modern values come undone,  

I feel primal as I wander, 

In the presence of the sun. 

Nature sings its ode, 

In a symphony of light, 

And it echoes through my soul,

Giving reason to this life.

By David Cannon

these buds i found in the garden cannot wait to burst into Spring

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