As a freelance journalist I write about a wide array of subjects such as Conservation, Wildlife, Environment (Climate Change, Ecology, Biology, Marine Biology, etc.), STEMM and Science, Social justice, Diversity, Racism, South Asian representation, Trans rights and understanding, Queer issues, Sexuality, Religion, Islam, Film making, Movies, Storytelling, Fiction, Political Agendas, Political Structure, Philosophy, etc.

I have had the pleasure of writing for a number of magazines and organizations, such as:

BBC Wildlife Magazine, GAYTIMES Magazine, Aurelia Magazine, Gal-Dem Magazine, The Beaver Trust, The Wildlife Trusts, Natural England, National Student Pride, Birdwatch Magazine, INK Gathering etc.

I am represented by The Good Literary agency, and my agent is Abi Fellows, so feel free to contact me or her about writing projects, and I look forward to working with you!

Here are some of the articles I’ve written, you can also find some featured on my BLOG

My queerness is something that I’ve learned to loveGAYTIMES Magazine

Reconciling with my womanhood and queer identity helped me find myself. Coming out as she/her and realising that in order to accept my womanhood I would have to unlearn much of what I’ve been taught about womanhood.

The pain and joy of rediscovering my trans tears – Gal-Dem Magazine

Do we dare to open the tightly closed casket that is male-toxicity and the facade of “feminine vulnerability”…

There is a drive to make the world of nature a place for everyone” – BBC Wildlife Magazine

For BBC Wildlife Magazine I was very proud to have written a 3 page spread on the issue of diversity in the natural history and conservation industry. This is an issue that has affected me for as long as I can remember, and growing up has influenced and caused my love of the environment to wax and wane – as someone who identifies with various minority groups, I have found myself becoming somewhat of a voice for the representation I so craved, and in developing and writing this piece I conducted over 10 hours worth of interviews with extremely pivotal people in the fight for representation, diversity and intersectionality in the world of natural history. This article was also featured in a piece on groups in the natural history industry below…

Mitzi Jonelle Tan – Gal-Dem Magazine

I’m Queer and I really miss Ramadan – AURELIA


The Queer Perspective – I Don’t Deserve to Go: Why aren’t we taught about the AID’s/HIV pandemic in school and how it affected the queer community?! – NSP


I have also been featured in a number of articles, some where I have been interviewed for my experience in certain subjects, and some simply because I had a sign with the right words…

Changing Perspectives in the Countryside: Jasmine Isa Qureshi

I was interviewed by the Museum of Rural English Life for a series called Changing Perspectives, in which 7 people of colour talked weekly about our love for the countryside and how it has affected us.

“As part of The MERL’s Building Connections project (funded by Arts Council England), we have sought to explore different stories and themes that live within our collection from the history of the English countryside.

Learn about Jasmine’s experiences of the English countryside, their fantastic passion for conservation, and their commitment to including people and nature together in conversations about caring for the natural world.”

Groups working to improve diversity and accessibility in the UK outdoorsBBC Wildlife Magazine

Link to BBC Wildlife Article

A couple with binoculars in the forest. © Getty
By Megan Shersby

Interview in Conker Magazine

I was interviewed by Conker Magazine on a range of issues such as wildlife, conservation, diversity and identity for their January Issue.


Very cool to be featured in Gaytimes Magazine, I was interviewed by Zoya-Sheikh about my opinion on Pride and the direction its taking and the direction it should be taking, it was amazing to be featured in a magazine I’ve long admired but never been able to afford regular subscription to.

Representation – Screenshot Magazine

‘I couldn’t see anyone like myself in this space’: meet the South Asian gen Zers unapologetically owning their narratives

Interviewed by Anmol Irfan

The many faces behind London’s urgent COP26 protest – I-D Mag


Photographed by Heather Glazzard

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