DISCLAIMER: This video deadnames me as it was made before I changed my name. However, I still feel the message is important. Please refer to me by my correct name when contacting me.

When I was 12, the 3 things I wanted to do most was…find a dinosaur, write a book (probably about dinosaurs or bugs), and give a TED talk (blame homeschooling)…I have always enjoyed speaking, I think I probably love the sound of my own voice far too much…but as I’ve said time and time again, I think storytelling is one of, if not THE most important and powerful form of communication that we have.

I choose to express my views and my experience via speaking, and recently I’ve had the immense honour of being able to speak at a number of conferences and events on topics I am passionate about…

NOTE: This page is updated as fast as I can, and there are still upcoming events and talks/resources to be put here…


Photoshoots / Science Festivals / Carys Secret Garden


California State University

Pride in Nature 2022

Pride in Nature was a resounding success, with over 300 people signing up, some incredible stories, beautiful sharing, brilliant speakers, a good range of voices, and whilst we have a long way to go in order to achieve sustainable and useful levels of diversity, we’re definitely set to get there if more of these events happen and the arena is opened up to more to fresh perspectives and experiences!

For months, Natural England and contributors including myself planned an event to bring together members of the LGBTQIA community in the world of conservation and nature. The response by people watching was astounding, with many reaching out and saying how lovely it was to be represented!

The talk is available to watch as a recording for anyone who missed it!

In 2022, our theme is Everyone is Welcome...

Bangor Zoological Society

Gave a small talk to the students of Bangor University’s Zoological Society on LGBTQI Diversity in conservation, environmental science and related subjects…

I think the understanding of ourselves and the reflection that comes with being a queer, trans person and a minority in a place that is often cis, straight and white washed is a perspective that needs to be understood more widely, so more people feel comfortable in this sector as we understand how to combat prejudice better, and so we have more people who allow their love of the environment and natural world to flourish!

ZooLOLogy! Look What Zoo Made Me Do

Join your hosts Hana Ayoob & Sam Langford as we introduce a raft of incredible zoological stand-up comedy talent!

Confirmed Line-up:

Helen Pilcher

Dawood Qureshi

Cerys Bradley

Alex Jenkin

Rob Theodore

Sarah Cosgriff

Anna Ploszajski

Elizabeth Mills

The Explorers Conference 2021 – Natural History Museum, London

Link to Natural History Museum Page

Speaking at the Natural History Museum in London was magical; a place I’d grown up going to, a literal treasure trove of natural curiosities, one of the main places on earth that actually made me so passionate about wildlife and the natural world in the first place…I would spend hours there when my mum took us all those years ago…my hand trailing over bumps and nodules of ichthyosaur fossils, or standing mouth-wide in awe at the stuffed giants looking down on me…

The Explorers Programme aims to support individuals from Black, Asian and other radicalised minority backgrounds by addressing these barriers through events and resources tailored to specific stages in a young person’s education and career.

There was representation, and such passion. Such grace. Such wisdom.

When I went up to speak I tried to imbue my talk with such passion, and spoke of my love of nature, of conservation, and of the opportunities I’d been allowed, of the advice I’d been given and the advice I’ve got to give, and tried to get across the fact that we ALL have this passion, we just need the opportunity to use it.

I met so many fantastic, knowledgeable people, and made connections I hope to work with over the coming months and years even.

The event was accessible, inspirational and empowering.
This is what I mean when I talk about actual change to help us be the next leaders, so we can bring into effect radical action.

“At this conference, you will hear directly from scientists from marginalised ethnic groups about their careers and experiences, discover the varied opportunities in the environmental sciences, and take part in workshops to provide the tools and advice that will assist you on your own career and educational journeys. There will also be a networking session at the event to meet the speakers, discuss opportunities and gather advice”.

Young Voices in Conservation, where to start?Wildlife Trusts

Link to Website Page

Join us for an exciting careers event, delivered by young people for young people. We will be hearing from two young conservationists about their journeys into conservation and the barriers they faced. Then we’ll be opening the floor to you to ask questions of our incredible panel – so get your questions ready!

Takeover Day – Poole Museum

I had the absolute pleasure of travelling up to Poole Museum for the first time ever!

I was part of an event where the kids “took over” the museum and got to explore and show the museum and all its contents from their own perspective, a really awesome initiative I thought, and part of a project to do with getting kids to understand climate change as part of Wessex Museums and National Heritage Fund initiative.

I led the “social media and film making” part of the event, and spoke to the kids about how they might use social media, other types of media, and storytelling, to really show what they wanted about the museum.

RSPB Youth Panel – COP26

James Miller hosted this panel, featuring Indy Kiemel Greene, Izzy Fry, Mya Bambrick and Dawood Qureshi, to discuss the pressure put on young people to address climate change in the wake of COP26.

Bio-Diverse Festival 2021

I was invited to be on this panel speaking about issues surrounding LGBTQIA+ Diversity in the Field of conservation and STEMM.

Norwich Science Festival: Climate Change and Youth 2021

This was a panel event hosted by the incredible Ben Garrod and also featuring Indy Greene, a panel that showcased some brilliant opinions and views, mainly on Climate Change, COP26 and the work we as young people can do to change our arena, and I was excited that more of these conversations are being had, as they should’ve been had so long ago, but seem to be gaining traction faster than ever.

Climate change is a growing shadow over all of our lives, but I think it’s important to remember how much power we have if we allow ourselves to believe we can enact a change on this planets future.
The power being given to young people is now more important than ever before, and I think we have to allow ourselves that hope because we control the energy, and with that energy we can change and alter the goal posts of the discussion and the premise of the big question: what will our future look like?…

Norwich Science Festival: OUT THINKERS – Celebrating LGBTQ+ in STEMM 2021

Hosted by wildlife film-maker and BBC Producer Dan O’Neil, I was invited to speak at this event and was utterly blown away. We talked about LGBTQIA diversity in the conservation industry and STEMM, and each people was just absolutely wonderful, the passion and thought that went into the presentations, coupled with the stories of each person’s coming out, their journey to accept themselves, and how they fell in love with STEMM moved me almost to tears.

Representation is SO important. And more so than ever in conservation and STEMM, that can so often be so terrible for it, leading to a lack of change and lack of different perspectives.
I talked about the Art of Belonging. The need for us as humans to understand that we are so much complex than the binary, black and white world we create for ourselves is PARAMOUNT.

There’s so much potential in us, let’s use it to ensure the voices of the under represented are heard.
To be queer is to question, to reflect and to change, and are these not the core reasons for science to exist…

Gender Identity and the Fight for Nature, People and the Planet – RSPB

Speaker on Gender Identity in Nature for The Fight for Nature, People and Planet as part of The Great Big Green Week organised by the RSPB, alongside acclaimed author and storyteller Lucy Mcrobert, hosted by Emma Marsh.

Masterclass on how to become an Environmental/Wildlife Journalist – Presspad

An amazing opportunity – I was invited to give a video lecture on my tips and tricks, based on my experience and expertise, on how to become a wildlife / environmental journalist and explore the wonderful world of natural history writing, for the journalist organisation PressPad.

Live Presenter – Live From the Wild (NatureCast) – Edinburgh Science Festival

Click here to be sent to the NatureCast page, download the activity booklet and find out more! – Link to Website

I and a team of conservationists and specialists presented Live From The Wild as NatureCast, on behalf of The British Ecological Society for the Edinburgh Science Festival.

The Nottingham Environment Conference

Link to Website

INclusivity in the OUTdoors – MOSAIC Outdoors

I gave a Live seminar to an online audience on diversity in the outdoor and natural history sector, in terms of LGBTQIA+ Diversity in this sector and these areas, what my experience are and what can be done about the issue of lack of representation.

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